X Femmes

Sunday at on Canal+

2 Seasons | 10 Episodes | Special Interest | 2008

X Femmes is a French television series of short films shown on Canal+ in 2008-2009. They were shot by female directors with the goal of producing erotica from a female point of view.

Les filles

Season 2 Episode 4

Last episode aired on Sunday, June 28th, 2009

X Femmes - Les filles - Season 2 Episode 4

Episodes list

Season 2     
X Femmes - Samedi soir - Season 2 Episode 1

1 | Samedi soir

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

(Saturday night) A dinner party, a party a bit missed between couples. A few drinks, a few lines in the bathroom, but it's the idea of ​​departure that is needed for Emilie and Mathieu. To forget the boredom, a few more lines and especially the play of the hands under the skirt: he touches her buttocks, her breasts, they make love. One game invites another and they swap roles, exchange their clothes, look for some accessories, while Emilie uses all her powers of seduction to follow his idea to the end and achieve its goal.

X Femmes - Pour elle - Season 2 Episode 2

2 | Pour elle

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

(For her). In a train, a man and a woman are sitting a few meters apart. As the concentration on their respective tasks diminishes, a silent communication suggests their mutual desire. The husband, at the arrival of the train, seems to put an end to this nascent seduction, when he explains to the man that his wife confessed her attraction for him and that she would like him to come to their house for a "pas de deux",

X Femmes - Le beau sexe - Season 2 Episode 3

3 | Le beau sexe

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

(The fairer sex) A woman gets a call from a man claiming to be her neighbor. He says knows everything about her, especially his most secret desires. He also says he's waiting for her, somewhere in Paris. No doubt intrigued, is she ready to join him?

X Femmes - Les filles - Season 2 Episode 4

4 | Les filles

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

(Girls) In a bar, surrounded by girlfriends who "want sex but no history", a young girl falls in love with a beautiful stranger.

X Femmes - Le bijou indiscret - Season 1 Episode 1

1 | Le bijou indiscret

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(The indiscreet jewel) Around the mystery of indiscreet jewel, the narrator surveys to find the most beautiful in the world. Secret society, the one that made men and women passionate about the issue.

X Femmes - Se faire prendre au jeu - Season 1 Episode 2

2 | Se faire prendre au jeu

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(Getting caught up in the game) A "normal" couple wanting to have naughty fun. On the TV, a typical porn movie is playing. So the girl, Laureen Langendorff, decides to act like the female porn actor on TV and reenacts the movements and mimics of a porn star. Lustful looks, finger sucking, nipple playing...The couple slowly get really turned on by the game and they end up having really hot sex.

X Femmes - Peep show heros - Season 1 Episode 3

3 | Peep show heros

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(Peep show heroes) In a pop and tart world populated by superheroes, Super Girl decides to surprise her husband, Wonder Boy. She drives him, blindfolded, in a peep-show and pushes him on the track where he must perform a striptease in front of all customers, installed in small booths equipped with one-way ice cream. Clumsy at first, he indulges little by little in a languorous strip. Super Girl then sends him a professional strip-teaser, then joins them for a furious sexual dance during which she lets herself be filled by these two superheroes.

X Femmes - Enculées - Season 1 Episode 4

4 | Enculées

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(Assfucked) Unemployed, with no prospect for the future, Claire decides to become an escort. However, she is concerned about the sexual demands of her male clients, in particular anal sex. To reassure herself, she meets real with escorts who initiate her.

X Femmes - Vous désirez? - Season 1 Episode 5

5 | Vous désirez?

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

(You desire?) Two girls in a cafe. They talk to each other, look at each other. Plunged into each other's eyes, their imagination escapes until they find themselves alone with their desire around a big bed. From caresses to sighs, their fantasies will take shape, and we will be the witnesses of this X-plicit enjoyment.

X Femmes - À ses pieds - Season 1 Episode 6

6 | À ses pieds

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(At her feet) A femme fatale seduces a man in a bar and disappears ... The man, troubled, tries to catch up. Then begins a pursuit where dream and reality merge. Alone, lost in a hotel whose rooms open one by one, he becomes a voyeur despite himself, immersed in his quest for this inaccessible fantasy.


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